Covid Update

I’ve been quiet about Covid but wanted to give my Covid Update from a fruitarian perspective. I run an herbal health club. Feel free to join me if you like the idea of being healthy.

In the first few months of dealing with Covid, I can understand why people have been cautious, as the bigger cities got hit and the mostly older and sicker people were hospitalized and dying. I’m sensitive to this and know this is true with many flu strains. So it will continue to be true and there will always be another illness. On another level we have to be desensitized about illness or else we could never leave the house.

Now we’re all finding out that the number of deaths wasn’t as bad as originally thought, and a small fraction of a percent actually died. Similar to the flu. A worse version really but now some information is here about how to prepare.

From the start, I listened to doctors and nurses in allopathic and natural positions. So many claimed that Vitamin C, D, and Zinc were the best to use. I eat enough fruits to get tons of Vitamin C but would also consider supplementing. Then, I heard that the quinine RX should be used. If it were me, my choice would be wormwood for an anti-parasitic. Then, I heard a bloodthinner was also necessary because some people were getting embolisms. If it were me, I’d use white willow, which also is a pain reliever and fever reducer. Only use for adults. I would also use some type of Lung, Sinus, Allergy formula that includes NAC, quercetin, and bromelain. The NAC is a liver help because it makes the liver make glutathione, a super-antioxidant, and it helps with remove mucous from the lungs.

I’m generally talking to my clients about switching out foods that are known to cause disease for foods that are healthier. Because of this shutdown, the question we all should be asking is,

Why aren’t people with pre-existing conditions, Comorbidities, trying to improve their own health?

(Why can’t the healthy be out in society unless there is a larger agenda? That’s for another post, my fruity friends. )

I know if I had a heart problem, I’d like to eat foods and take supplements that would help me improve. I realize that may not be the mindset of most people. But maybe our society should move away from ignorance about what gives us good health and thinking others are responsible for their health—and go back to personal responsibility for health.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know the excuses people make (I’ve done it too). It’s pretty clear that food is the main thing we all have a good amount of control over and we can do something about!

Get in touch if you want to get control over your eating, learn about fasting programs, and make life simple again. Covid is here and possibly will be with us for a a period before it goes away. Don’t you want to feel empowered that you can handle any health issue that comes your way?

Don’t you want knowledge that no one can take away? To help a parent or loved one? If you get healthy, you’re the light for others. Isn’t it nice to let your true self be in control, rather than doing things on auto-mode?

I offer coaching packages that are reasonable and flexible. Spots are filling up with more people fruit fasting with delicious summer fruits! Detox With Jen 848-232-8392.