Covid cases are slowing down

So I’m in the heart of the Covid cases and definitely have an opinion about this topic!

My heart of course goes out to anyone struggling through this without resources. If that is the case, see my article about the supplements I recommend.

However, I almost always hope my clients are eating foods high in. Vitamin C like oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, etc.

If not, take a supplement of 500 mg-2000 mg daily. Join my Health Club to know the most.

I’m beginning a new program in NJ. To join, I’m asking anyone who wants to become a member of the health club, then, it’s $500 for 250 coaching minutes to be used as you like.

Generally, it’s best to do the intake forms then a 50 minute coaching session in the first week. Then, you can decide if you want every other week, weekly, or even monthly sessions in 40 minute increments.

I’m flexible and happy to help.

Just fill out my contact form and let me know that you’re interested. Or just text by me at 8482328392 est and ask me to give you details.