The Spiritual Detox

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Hello my Fruity Beauties! We are being distracted by the media so I wanted to touch on the facts…

Spiritual Connection is easy if you understand that you connect directly with God (however God is defined by you) or Source energy. No need to wait for priests, rabbis, imams, or ceremonies. And if you have a good spiritual connection, this connection should help you understand people a bit.

You may be thinking about getting rid of racism and rightly so…But remember the LOA is a Universal Law that is working to bring you whatever you’re thinking about. So, I’m just going to suggest thinking about redefining yourself with qualities that are about peace, equality, fairness, justice, independence, self reliance, empathy, responsibility, instead of the qualities we don’t want to perpetuate. An LOA PSA so to speak.

Detoxing and helping one’s spirit along is easier with the right foods also. Many gurus throughout history have been known to fast in various ways (dry fasting, water fasting, eating only during certain hours) in order to cleanse themselves and have a better spiritual connection. My experience is that this is true!

If that sounds too hard, and especially with hotter months coming, please consider fruit and fruit juice fasting instead. You will get lots of nutrients, along with potassium and Vitamins A & C so you’ll stay well hydrated.

Better clarity is important when making decisions so get fruity and get clear: there is only one human race, and anyone who wishes to can cooperate together in peace.

The news, religious leaders, our friends, our families, politicians are all influencing us to be more like them, choose like them, think like them. Please begin to ground yourself with more meditation and self reflection, so you can be your best daily. Pray for the safety and health and clarity of all beings. Take your own actions to bring peace and equality in whatever way is in Alignment with you.

The Astrology people are saying things are lining up for something big!! I’m believing we’re all in and things are and will get better. Our space-time reality can only be upward movement. RIP George Floyd and all who were taken too soon.

Lotsa love and many blessings, Jen

Covid cases are slowing down

So I’m in the heart of the Covid cases and definitely have an opinion about this topic!

My heart of course goes out to anyone struggling through this without resources. If that is the case, see my article about the supplements I recommend.

However, I almost always hope my clients are eating foods high in. Vitamin C like oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, etc.

If not, take a supplement of 500 mg-2000 mg daily. Join my Health Club to know the most.

I’m beginning a new program in NJ. To join, I’m asking anyone who wants to become a member of the health club, then, it’s $500 for 250 coaching minutes to be used as you like.

Generally, it’s best to do the intake forms then a 50 minute coaching session in the first week. Then, you can decide if you want every other week, weekly, or even monthly sessions in 40 minute increments.

I’m flexible and happy to help.

Just fill out my contact form and let me know that you’re interested. Or just text by me at 8482328392 est and ask me to give you details.

Covid Update

I’ve been quiet about Covid but wanted to give my Covid Update from a fruitarian perspective. I run an herbal health club. Feel free to join me if you like the idea of being healthy.

In the first few months of dealing with Covid, I can understand why people have been cautious, as the bigger cities got hit and the mostly older and sicker people were hospitalized and dying. I’m sensitive to this and know this is true with many flu strains. So it will continue to be true and there will always be another illness. On another level we have to be desensitized about illness or else we could never leave the house.

Now we’re all finding out that the number of deaths wasn’t as bad as originally thought, and a small fraction of a percent actually died. Similar to the flu. A worse version really but now some information is here about how to prepare.

From the start, I listened to doctors and nurses in allopathic and natural positions. So many claimed that Vitamin C, D, and Zinc were the best to use. I eat enough fruits to get tons of Vitamin C but would also consider supplementing. Then, I heard that the quinine RX should be used. If it were me, my choice would be wormwood for an anti-parasitic. Then, I heard a bloodthinner was also necessary because some people were getting embolisms. If it were me, I’d use white willow, which also is a pain reliever and fever reducer. Only use for adults. I would also use some type of Lung, Sinus, Allergy formula that includes NAC, quercetin, and bromelain. The NAC is a liver help because it makes the liver make glutathione, a super-antioxidant, and it helps with remove mucous from the lungs.

I’m generally talking to my clients about switching out foods that are known to cause disease for foods that are healthier. Because of this shutdown, the question we all should be asking is,

Why aren’t people with pre-existing conditions, Comorbidities, trying to improve their own health?

(Why can’t the healthy be out in society unless there is a larger agenda? That’s for another post, my fruity friends. )

I know if I had a heart problem, I’d like to eat foods and take supplements that would help me improve. I realize that may not be the mindset of most people. But maybe our society should move away from ignorance about what gives us good health and thinking others are responsible for their health—and go back to personal responsibility for health.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know the excuses people make (I’ve done it too). It’s pretty clear that food is the main thing we all have a good amount of control over and we can do something about!

Get in touch if you want to get control over your eating, learn about fasting programs, and make life simple again. Covid is here and possibly will be with us for a a period before it goes away. Don’t you want to feel empowered that you can handle any health issue that comes your way?

Don’t you want knowledge that no one can take away? To help a parent or loved one? If you get healthy, you’re the light for others. Isn’t it nice to let your true self be in control, rather than doing things on auto-mode?

I offer coaching packages that are reasonable and flexible. Spots are filling up with more people fruit fasting with delicious summer fruits! Detox With Jen 848-232-8392.

Fruit Detox and Supplementing

Hey Fruity Friends,

Today I’m getting up close and personal with the idea of supplementing when necessary. I’m training with Dr. Morse as an ISOD Detox Specialist, so he believes that if you were to fully detox, only THEN can you discern if you have a deficiency in any one vitamin or mineral which could require supplementing. I, however, do feel differently, only because sometimes the symptoms can be severe without supplementation.

I’m not saying take every supplement under the sun if you are trying to detox, but to be discerning about what you may actually need. For instance, after being a long time vegetarian, I was running low on iron. But after doing a moderate fruit detox for over two years, I continued to stay low in iron, and even my ferritin and hemoglobin were very low. What I didn’t realize was that I was taking a turmeric supplement, which was in fact, binding to iron and removing it from my blood. At that point, I realized I just needed the iron for a temporary period of time, and would taper off and keep rechecking my levels.

Again, recently, for the same reason with the iron and not eating meat often, I also was zinc deficient, as my acne (and everyone said my acne was just because I was soooooo toxic) was getting worse, especially relating to my cycle. I had a few other symptoms of the zinc deficiency. So at some point, I realized that I truly needed the zinc, and viola, the acne cleared right up.

Gauging where you are and why is important in a fruit detox and deciding if and when to supplement. I know there are plenty of people who don’t ever need to supplement, and I am happy for them. But how can anyone deny their own body a chance at healing because of a rigid belief? I just believe it’s better to keep detoxing with food, and occasionally supplement as needed. If we are to learn what our body needs, we have to try it out. Until we try, we may never know.

I know we can talk about blood tests, hair tests, dna tests, but in the end, supplementing is cheaper than most tests are! And relatively safe to supplement in RDA amounts than go without if it’s actually needed. What do you think? Have you detoxed for a long time and still thought you needed a vitamin or mineral afterwards?

I completely understand and believe Dr. Morse, yet I also know if you have heart palpitations from low iron and you go to the doctor, they just want to give you a blood transfusion! So, that is why I say, why not supplement instead? It’s faster and easier than a procedure or an RX, and usually safer.

Thanks for reading, have a fruity day!

Jen C, the Detox With Jen Detox Coach at 848-232-8392

Some Basic Fruitarian Meals

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Good morning, Fruity People! I bet with the New Year, you’re anxious to get started on some fruity meals and feeling the joy of living on fruit, the spirituality and fun that comes from this simple idea.

Some of my clients ask, “WELL, WHAT DO I EAT THEN?” And I know they really mean it and simply eating fruit more is such a new idea, it’s ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE that it works so well and helps so many.

So here are some easy-fast-FRUITY meals to keep your energy high, digestion easy, and life full of deliciousness.

Fruit Detoxing is easy when you keep a lot of fruits on hand, like bananas and berries, but I also stock bottled juice for when I need it. Especially pineapple and orange.

Please note, if you are diabetic, you may need to eat smaller meals to not spike blood sugars. Call me for more information. I have used 20-30-40 units of insulin a day, but when I’m eating mostly fruit, I only take 5-10 units a day. So there are big benefits that are overlooked for diabetics.


Just melons (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe) all by themselves, as much as you desire

Easy Tropical Morning Smoothie

About 2 cups of Pineapple and/or Orange Juice, possibly more

2 Bananas, 1 cup of Berries

A handful of coconut or chia seed for thickness/taste

You can add some Kale or Spinach, I prefer Kale because it’s higher in Vitamin C, but just enough to enjoy.

Directions: Blend all ingredients in Blender, add more juice for your desired preferences. Frozen bananas and berries make for a dessert/ice cream like texture. Pour into glass and enjoy.

Make extra to bring some in a thermos for your day.


1 Apple, 1 Orange, 1 cup of Grapes

1 Glass of Coconut Water


Celery Sticks


Pear, Berries (Blueberries), Grapes, and Banana


If you are super fruity, you may want more melons, juices, or just plain fruits for dinner.

If you are new to detoxing, you would likely want to have a cooked yam and a dark leafy green salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and some avocado.

More Snacks

Dates before bed


If you are finding yourself thirsty, you can have herbal teas like lemon balm or any detox type tea. Yogi tea and Traditional Medicinals make a few. Some people still want coffee in the morning, but it’s something that you should wean yourself off of with some time. First switch to half regular, half decaf, then switch to green tea, then move to decaf herbal teas or keep a little green tea or matcha green tea in your diet.

The fruit based diet is great for anyone who is overweight, has hormonal imbalances, or wants to heal from anything. It does not mean you won’t ever have a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral though! It’s best to try these things and make adjustments as you go along.

Almost everyone I have had as a client tells me, “I didn’t realize that you could eat mostly fruit (and feel good), and it turns out, I feel the best eating fruit”. Everyone is a skeptic, until they ACTUALLY try it.

I’m just speaking up for the miseducation of people, because I’m a type 1 diabetic since I was 17. I was told to eat minimal protein to protect my kidneys–THANK GOD my doctor did tell me that, but beyond that, most nutritionists and doctors haven’t had a clue about how to best deal with diabetes.

Most doctors advocate for eating almost anything, then just taking the “correct” amount of insulin for that. BIG MISTAKE!!

If you’re diabetic, you should be eating less of the foods that make you take insulin, and more fruit, because fruit sugar is fructose, it doesn’t require insulin (sometimes you won’t need any but over time you’ll take less).

Only glucose requires insulin, and glucose is in complex carbs, simple sugars like sucrose, all vegetables, all proteins and fats turn into glucose as well. So all of these foods make you take or make insulin.

Fructose is the best kept secret in the natural world!!

If you don’t understand, just ask. If you really want to detox your body from toxins and poor diet choices, you likely have some time to do it. 2020 is a great year for everyone to get back to more fruit.

By the way, blood sugars still go up if you eat fruit. That ‘s normal, BUT you simply lessen your insulin resistance by eating fruit. If you eat a lot of fruit, you’ll be more sensitive to insulin. If you eat only a little, you won’t see as good results.

I’m happy to help you get started, with coaching packages that make sense! 848-232-8392 to reserve a time/day.

Much love and many blessings, Jen C