Fruit Detox and Supplementing

Hey Fruity Friends,

Today I’m getting up close and personal with the idea of supplementing when necessary. I’m training with Dr. Morse as an ISOD Detox Specialist, so he believes that if you were to fully detox, only THEN can you discern if you have a deficiency in any one vitamin or mineral which could require supplementing. I, however, do feel differently, only because sometimes the symptoms can be severe without supplementation.

I’m not saying take every supplement under the sun if you are trying to detox, but to be discerning about what you may actually need. For instance, after being a long time vegetarian, I was running low on iron. But after doing a moderate fruit detox for over two years, I continued to stay low in iron, and even my ferritin and hemoglobin were very low. What I didn’t realize was that I was taking a turmeric supplement, which was in fact, binding to iron and removing it from my blood. At that point, I realized I just needed the iron for a temporary period of time, and would taper off and keep rechecking my levels.

Again, recently, for the same reason with the iron and not eating meat often, I also was zinc deficient, as my acne (and everyone said my acne was just because I was soooooo toxic) was getting worse, especially relating to my cycle. I had a few other symptoms of the zinc deficiency. So at some point, I realized that I truly needed the zinc, and viola, the acne cleared right up.

Gauging where you are and why is important in a fruit detox and deciding if and when to supplement. I know there are plenty of people who don’t ever need to supplement, and I am happy for them. But how can anyone deny their own body a chance at healing because of a rigid belief? I just believe it’s better to keep detoxing with food, and occasionally supplement as needed. If we are to learn what our body needs, we have to try it out. Until we try, we may never know.

I know we can talk about blood tests, hair tests, dna tests, but in the end, supplementing is cheaper than most tests are! And relatively safe to supplement in RDA amounts than go without if it’s actually needed. What do you think? Have you detoxed for a long time and still thought you needed a vitamin or mineral afterwards?

I completely understand and believe Dr. Morse, yet I also know if you have heart palpitations from low iron and you go to the doctor, they just want to give you a blood transfusion! So, that is why I say, why not supplement instead? It’s faster and easier than a procedure or an RX, and usually safer.

Thanks for reading, have a fruity day!

Jen C, the Detox With Jen Detox Coach at 848-232-8392