Fruit and herb detoxing is my love and my specialty.  Welcome to a new world that brings health and healing to any-body who is willing to learn.

This site is about how to detox safely, for whatever health concern you have.  About health empowerment, listening closely to yourself and your body, and even about spiritual aspects within you that help with finding the answers you are looking for.

Your body is an intelligent force, and is always asking for healing.  Your intuitive side knows this, yet still you can continually eat foods that don’t heal you or even help you.

What if there was an easier way?  A better way?  What if…

  • You were actually READY and WILLING to create the emotions that create health?
  • Your body could first cleanse itself over time using simple foods and processes?
  • Your body could strengthen each organ and body system, gradually over time?
  • You begin to feel better each and every day?
  • You could stay connected to the energy that creates good feelings and inner guidance TO maintain optimal health?

At Detox With Jen, I offer guidance on many health and intuitive topics, such as fasting, kidney filtration, herbs, but also how to meditate and quiet the mind to hear.  I am a certified detox specialist under Dr. Robert Morse, ND.

I am available for phone consultations and appointments for convenience and am located in central NJ, in Brick.  Contact me for an appointment today and get excited about health–848-232-8392. (9am-5pm EST).

This site is educational only and not meant to be medical advice.