Office Hours, Groups, and New Intakes

Hi, y’all. I know you’re excited and anxious to get started on your detoxing. My in person hours for the new space will be posted shortly. Tuesdays and Thursdays, afternoons and evenings, and occasionally, Sundays, all by appointment only.

Like I promised, I said I would take ten clients for the herbal health club for a free detox session. So let me know if you wish to be one of the lucky ten! We’ll work together to create a plan that is right for your detox. I’m certain that with some time and practice, you’ll get the hang of a good cleansing program. One that energizes and inspires you to keep going, and one that is based on listening well to your own body’s signals.

After you begin, if you keep going with the program, I also offer Reiki, Meditation, and Group Detox Sessions (monthly meetings) as part of the package that you can choose options from. Most importantly is the Detox Session though, so get yours ASAP.

Shoot me a text or call me to get your appointment. In person meetings are preferred, but if distance is an issue, I can do phone calls as well.

Detox With Jen at 848-232-8392.