Fruit Fasting during the Holidays

Hey there fruity people! Today I’m just here to reassure you that it’s ok to fall off the bandwagon quite a bit over the holidays. Yet, I’m also here to say that it’s so much easier to get back on that wagon after that little break as well.

Let’s DIG IN to some silly excuses we make for poor food choices over the holidays.

“It’s only ONE meal.”

“I only eat this once a year.”

“I’m planning on working out.”

Do you hear yourself saying things like this? But more important–can you eat something and then actually feel good about it?

You see with the Law of Attraction, we are bringing the thoughts we think into our reality. So, if we believe certain foods taste really good but are terrible for us, guess what we’re creating? Poor health. Waist line. Moodiness.

If we could get off the bandwagon and truly LOVE the foods and the meals we’re eating, and we’re eating them with eager anticipation, in joyful company or alone, and telling ourselves how great our bodies are at extracting nutrients, we’re going to feel a heck of a lot better!

And what if we continually kept changing the script towards feeling good about eating, and applauding ourselves for making healing food choices? What if we could drink some fruit juice or veggie juice, eat some raw fruits and veggies, and salads and soups MOST of the time? Wouldn’t that make a big improvement in our physical bodies, AND our minds?

My belief is that we’d be led toward more healthy choices, and actually eat those, AND that we’d be prompted to enjoy certain foods (like brownies) as well. So that all along, it’s enjoyable. Have you ever felt like certain foods were right to eat and improved your health? What foods were you eating? Did it prompt you to make new recipes that made health and healing more probable for you?

The holidays can be so busy with work, family, volunteering, and preparing that we don’t often stop to care for ourselves. With so many people acting as caregivers, let’s remember to eat the foods we are blessed to have–with JOY. Joy is part of your total health and healing and it does matter.

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Much love and many blessings, Jen