Water Fasting

Water Fasting can be a great way to cleanse the body and help it detox out the acids that are keeping the body sick.  I know it sounds difficult, but it certainly can be done, as seen in religions that require or ask their members to fast.  Some for a portion of the day, and some for many weeks.  There are many types of fasting for you to try, all with benefits.

Just like when we are sick with a cold or flu, and the body involuntarily fasts–because it knows best how to heal, we can make a conscious choice TO FAST.

The benefits of water fasting include better thinking skills, losing weight, and above all–healing many of our body’s issues.  This seems to happen when the kidneys allow the dirty lymph that has been circulating to actually flow out through the urine.  The process is process is called kidney filtration and is an important part of detoxing the body and cleansing the lymph system.

I was heavily influenced by Joel Fuhrman, who is a natural MD in New Jersey, with his book, Fasting and Eating for Health.  He claims he healed himself of an injury from ice skating after water fasting for over 40 days.  When I read this book, with it’s focus on healing injuries, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes I decided I wanted to begin a fasting-regularly-type of lifestyle because of the benefits.

Yet, because I’m a type 1 diabetic, I couldn’t safely fast on only water, as Fuhrman was suggesting most people do in his book.  He actually recommends that type 1 diabetics do not fast.

So, I had to find a better way.  And, I did!

I found about Dr. Morse’s fruit based diet and began eating more fruits and healing teas, and after a while was reintroduced to the Master Cleanse, which uses water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne to fast.

There are a few ways to fast of course, so don’t worry–you don’t have to water fast if you don’t wish to.  A grape juice fast can be just as healing as a water fast and safer for some.  But healing can happen faster if you are not focused on digestion (food in the colon), so the energy your body is using can be focused on strengthening cells, tissues, organs, etc. during a fast.

Water fasting can be not only helpful, but healthful, and can be done for a few hours a day to weeks at a time, depending on your condition and desires about detoxing.

It’s actually refreshing to do a few days on a water fast, because the mind becomes so clear without the ups and downs of blood sugars, and the “need” to eat.  There is a clarity like no other while fasting this way.  You will have more time to devote to yourself, more energy possibly, and more aliveness!

The worst part of fasting is working through the emotions–doubts, fears, and worries coming up, and being frustrated with your current health.  The fasting is actually easy.  The mind is what you will need to control!

Once you try a water only fast, you will enjoy the secret only a few know about, that it feels so good, you’ll want to do it regularly for healing and health!  Be sure to read the whole series on Fasting, and contact me about your specialized detox plan.

Jen is a Detox Specialist certified by Dr. Morse, ND, and is available for your detox questions using the contact form here.

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