Fruit Fasting Without Starving

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Eating fruit is a relatively easy concept as far as dieting goes. Yet, as easy as it is to eat mostly fruit, I always hear people saying, “What’s going to happen to me when I’m starving”…

Well, I’m going to be honest here, and let you know that most likely, no one is going to starve. If you’re starving, it’s for some other reason.

We’ve all actually lived so well, with such rich food, that is why when you eat less fat, protein, and sugar (which is what is fermenting in your gut and feeding the bacteria that make you crave), you will really feel better, lose weight, and possibly get healthier.

You may get hungry, but if you keep up the calories from fruit, you’ll be HYDRATED and have good electrolyte levels. This is necessary for your kidneys to function well and help with elimination. We want elimination to be faster. So the fruit also hits the intestine and colon, and moves through with ease and speed. Usually.

As you go, you will need to determine if you’d need to add anything else? Maybe more variety of fruits? Maybe some veggies? I love to add the veggies as juices like beet, carrot, celery. Or maybe a cooked yam at night with a soup or salad.

Just go super easy on the fat and protein if you are detoxing. (Remember, Dr. Morse says protein is a builder, and you don’t want to build and detox at the same time). Fat is hard on the liver/gallbladder. Protein is hard on the kidneys and digestive system. But sugars really are what creates those cravings for more food, and of course, more sugar.

Fruit fills that gap rather easily.

I’d like to see everybody eating those Ten Fruits a Day! ASAP.

Get in touch for the Detox Coaching at 848-232-8392.

Lotsa love and many blessings! Jen

Rates for Detox Coaching

Phone Detox Coaching Sessions are easy and private. You can purchase one session at a time, but truthfully, it saves you money if you do the monthly package, and is the most effective at helping you with what your health goals are. It’s best to be consistent and gradual in your changes for much of what we’ll discuss, BUT regular coaching times also keep you consistently progressing toward those goals.

Most people need many months if not years, to detox enough to make a difference in their bodies. Someone with cancer, injuries, reflux, hormonal issues, heart problems, etc…it took years to probably manifest that within the body, so plan on taking time to remove problems as well. There are no guarantees, only hope, love, and willingness to TRY. (Don’t forget some people still need to be under a regular doctors care throughout, like if you are tapering off a medication.)

HOLIDAY BOGO is going on right now until DEC 31st, 2019. Keep one for yourself and give one, keep both, or give both!

NOT SURE? I’m always here for a quick consult at 848-232-8392. You can text me from 9 am-7 pm any day to set one up a consult before you make a decision.

Monthly Package–$300

Week 1: Detox Coaching Session, 60 minutes. You will fill out forms prior to coaching session. You will be given shopping lists for what foods to buy (mostly fruits and veggies) and what herbs and/or supplements to take, and food journal information. I’ll explain the diet practices and you’ll decide on a plan that works for you. Q&A time.

Week 2-4: Detox Coaching Sessions, 30 minutes each. Getting used to new diet and supplements, troubleshooting, and Q&A.

I’ll be available for quick emails or calls as well/included. Since I am also a Law of Attraction Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, I am open to adding these other specialties for part of the coaching time, or you may pay separately for those if desired.

You may space out your calls every two weeks if desired, or work out a plan with me for monthly maintenance after you’re achieving your goals. Get in touch if you need clarification about the way I do the calls.

Appointment times are strictly adhered to, always text/call if there is a change Please. And I’d do the same for you.

Example plan for someone wanting coaching: Months 1-2, weekly calls, then space out to Months 3-6 every other week, after that Months 7-and beyond, once a month calls. As needed after that. Because there will always be troubleshooting–it’s necessary and important to listen carefully to your body. If a food or supplement is or isn’t right for you, must be discussed thoroughly. This is why the frequency with coaching is so important. Because if you feel on your own, sometimes it’s just DAMN HARD to stay in detox mode. If you’ve chosen the support through coaching or community, you’re more likely to keep going safely.

In person classes are posted for individual classes as they come up, ranging from $25-50 usually for a Detox Talk/Group Class. Classes are located in Brick, NJ and after you sign up for my Herbal Health Club, you are welcome to come to the office. Exact address will be given after paperwork is processed.

Lotsa love and many blessings, Jen

Fruit Fasting during the Holidays

Hey there fruity people! Today I’m just here to reassure you that it’s ok to fall off the bandwagon quite a bit over the holidays. Yet, I’m also here to say that it’s so much easier to get back on that wagon after that little break as well.

Let’s DIG IN to some silly excuses we make for poor food choices over the holidays.

“It’s only ONE meal.”

“I only eat this once a year.”

“I’m planning on working out.”

Do you hear yourself saying things like this? But more important–can you eat something and then actually feel good about it?

You see with the Law of Attraction, we are bringing the thoughts we think into our reality. So, if we believe certain foods taste really good but are terrible for us, guess what we’re creating? Poor health. Waist line. Moodiness.

If we could get off the bandwagon and truly LOVE the foods and the meals we’re eating, and we’re eating them with eager anticipation, in joyful company or alone, and telling ourselves how great our bodies are at extracting nutrients, we’re going to feel a heck of a lot better!

And what if we continually kept changing the script towards feeling good about eating, and applauding ourselves for making healing food choices? What if we could drink some fruit juice or veggie juice, eat some raw fruits and veggies, and salads and soups MOST of the time? Wouldn’t that make a big improvement in our physical bodies, AND our minds?

My belief is that we’d be led toward more healthy choices, and actually eat those, AND that we’d be prompted to enjoy certain foods (like brownies) as well. So that all along, it’s enjoyable. Have you ever felt like certain foods were right to eat and improved your health? What foods were you eating? Did it prompt you to make new recipes that made health and healing more probable for you?

The holidays can be so busy with work, family, volunteering, and preparing that we don’t often stop to care for ourselves. With so many people acting as caregivers, let’s remember to eat the foods we are blessed to have–with JOY. Joy is part of your total health and healing and it does matter.

For the rest of December 2019, I’m offering my Detox With Jen coaching packages (valued at $200 per person per month) as a BOGO, so buy one for a loved one, and keep one for yourself, and receive twice the treats and joy for a BEAUTIFUL Holiday and New Year.

My first class of the year will be January 2, 2020. Email me at to be included or get more details. Call or text at 848-232-8392 for appointments.

Much love and many blessings, Jen

Office Hours, Groups, and New Intakes

Hi, y’all. I know you’re excited and anxious to get started on your detoxing. My in person hours for the new space will be posted shortly. Tuesdays and Thursdays, afternoons and evenings, and occasionally, Sundays, all by appointment only.

Like I promised, I said I would take ten clients for the herbal health club for a free detox session. So let me know if you wish to be one of the lucky ten! We’ll work together to create a plan that is right for your detox. I’m certain that with some time and practice, you’ll get the hang of a good cleansing program. One that energizes and inspires you to keep going, and one that is based on listening well to your own body’s signals.

After you begin, if you keep going with the program, I also offer Reiki, Meditation, and Group Detox Sessions (monthly meetings) as part of the package that you can choose options from. Most importantly is the Detox Session though, so get yours ASAP.

Shoot me a text or call me to get your appointment. In person meetings are preferred, but if distance is an issue, I can do phone calls as well.

Detox With Jen at 848-232-8392.