Getting Started

Getting started with a good quality detox is easier than you think.

You may believe that detoxing is hard, it sucks, you’ll have detox symptoms, you won’t like the food, or you think you can’t afford it!

We’ve all built up a lot of toxic stuff in our bodies over the years, so it’s necessary to detox fully and regularly–considering that we are being bombarded with pollution, chemicals, and unhealthy foods.

Rest assured that detoxing the body is what it is meant to do naturally, and you just need to support the body so that it can work.

You don’t have to give up every food you love, but many foods create inflammation so they aren’t worth eating, at least temporarily.  We all love treats, but once the body is in great shape, treats are easier to eat without repercussion.

Detox foods remove acids and therefore, inflammation, from the body.

Herbs help so much for detoxing the body, but Fasting gets you there faster than eating food or using herbs.

Kidney Filtration is so important in this detox process, and you can observe what you are you eating and how it affects your filtration easily.

Remember that you may be able to adjust your medications as you detox, or possibly get off of them completely, but do so only with medical supervision.  Especially type 1 diabetics!

Detox With Jen offers unique detox tips, techniques, and coaching especially for you!  If you are making lifestyle changes, I’d love to help and support you.  Having trained detox specialist is so important because friends and family can sabotage your results.  They are often well-intentioned, but don’t really know anything about health, specifically, YOUR health, and so they make it harder to heal.  Here, I teach you to go within to find your own answers about YOUR health and offer detox tips that work.

Don’t let other’s limitations keep you down any longer!  You can heal many things and it’s worth giving it a go!

I believe in you!  Jen



This site is for educational purposes only.  Please seek medical advice before making any changes to your lifestyle.